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Gone, but not Forgotten,

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Gone, But Not Forgotten.”


Rainy days are Here

Firstly, this ‘Respond’ idea is rather cool like it and I was just thinking of writing something, so this prompt is just perfect. Thanks a bunch.

It’s raining here, weather says, ‘ mostly cloudy’ with constant rain, gusts of wind and  the windows panes are shivering and banging and thuding against eachother and the other side of the pane looks like it is inside a shower.

Adventure, that is what I feel at moments like this; just realized that ten minutes is rather a good bit of time.

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Sydney rain is punctual I must say, grey blue clouds would come gathering over the harbor bridge  making the wharf look anything between stale grey, dark blue, pale green to black, yes black. You have to see it to believe it.

The wind literally howls in here, and on very very quite days, may be it is my imganination, but it seems I can hearthe clouds rolling above in veryu very low grumble.


First, the CBD will dispappear, the Sydney tower, then the white Opera house, then the sea will slowly vanish under a grey mist that will settle there. Once that happenes, the whole of Sydney becomes a place of dream, for beyond those thick fogs, there could be Sauron’s castle, there could be the angry world of Mordor, there could be  The Flying Dutchman or there could be Lookfar with Ged sailing on it to the Farthest shores of teh Archipelago.

Then the rain will brust outof the sky, and while I write there will be this constant gush of the wing and chatter of water onthe window. I miss ginger tea. And 10min over.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done!.”

Ready, Set, Done!

So what do you do?

There was this vid on Upworthy today, that was, like most Upworthy uploads was rather insightful and I sort of liked it. Me being the kind of person who is always asked ‘So what do you do?’ and that is the moment I feel ‘I wish I did not have to answer that’

I am a stay at home mum, trying my best to be a published writer and writing since I was sixteen years old; I blog when I want to, instagram very often and try to balance family requirements and my Self. That is what I do. By qualification, I am a English Lit Graduate, and a Film Studies (or Theory) Masters.

Even then, I have at many moments, felt little, well… I do not have the answer in a word. No one insulted me, some have been rude, saying, ‘You look so rested, obviously you do not have any actual work’, or ‘how can you stay at home all day. What do you do?’ (I have a two year old, and no family or any support for that matter), even the straightforward ‘you have wasted your life’  🙂

Honestly, I have never felt very sad about it but the words sometime keep coming back to me. God, that supreme kind one, after giving me many flaws decided to give me one very nice thing, I do not feel sad by what people say and I do have the capability to look beyond words and see things objectively. This is a quality,  that I had and did not realize for a long, long time.

I am not thick skinned, no. I just know that I need to be non-judgmental, especially because rest of the world is busy judging and I like myself. That too. I am a very good listener and I do not judge, especially because I have been, all my life.

So this vid that I saw kind of touched a very right note, because judging someone on basis of what they do for a living, is a very odd thing indeed. Unless your name is Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawkings, there will always be someone doing better than you!

I know people will not stop judging, I have no idea why they do it, but it does make their happiness depend on what others are doing in their lives. On that front, Facebook is not healthy at all. Constantly checking on how pretty others look, how hot they look, what house they have and I have seen just too many people do it. Constantly. It is better to play Farmville than to constantly feel the need to ‘like’ or feel bad about what others are doing in their lives.

I wish some people who live attaching tags to most things get that. It is unhealthy, FOR THEM.

Meow Meow Meow Meow! You Shall Have Some Pie

You see, we Indians do not make pies…We do not take granny smith apples, coat and soften them in butter and sugar and cool them. We do not flour, roll it in to a dough, keep it in the fridge and then fill it up with the apples and let them bake for 45 minutes or so. Almost all Indians in India do not use oven. For those mouth watering Kebabs we have the Tandoor, yes that’s the name of the thing, the big hole full of coal and fire made of mud with iron rods arranged just as you do on a grill!

So all my growing up years I never had a pie! So when I think of mouth watering, I think of creamy milk, slowly thickened over a very very v-e-r-y low fire. Then you add diced mandarin oranges carefully along with a bunch of Sultanas. You need to be extra careful with those most will float if the milk is of the right consistency; few will sink.

Oranges and Sultanas both have a tendency to  be sour. One little slice of sour sultana or orange and the milk will curdle. Now no need to add sugar now, unless the oranges are not sweet, but grate a little of those rough orange skins and sprinkle it on the milk. Now remember, the milk is cooking on very low fire and you are to stir it, continuously. You cannot let it bubble.

This is a good time to add a tablespoon of sugar, and stir slowly till the sugar has dissolved. Then ground a few pistachios, almonds, cashews and scatter over the thick warm milk. Let it cool  and then shove it straight in the refrigerator. Cool it, have it! Don’t lick the plate, especially if others are around.  Be nice, smile, and lick it in the kitchen when you are alone, because at the bottom of the pan, is the golden caramelized sugar along with those sultanas and oranges that had sunk!

Those are absolute gems!

Now for that pie!! Well aaliyah has been babbling about those extremely silly three little kittens who happened to have lost there mittens. Aali cannot talk, not yet! But she does say words… Pie, cat, meow etc. So I thought I will bake it! Make a pie, and may be Aali will like it!

Ah those granny smiths

Ash those granny smiths. But other apples work just as fine.

I had a few granny smiths lying in the fruit basket. Six to be exact. The recipe called for eight apples, so in went two more pink ladies. The rest of the ingredients are almost always at my pantry. Unsalted butter (those cultured butters from Western Star, does the job well), iced water, one large egg yolk,, salt, plain four. . .the usual lot!

So it was made, Soft molten apple in cinnamon, butter and sugar. I ate away a lot of it while making the dough. Gave a dollop of it aaliyah as well. ‘Yum, yum’ she said asking more more! Whoa success. So I did bake it.

The apartment was full of this amazing buttery smell, and I wished I lived in a country cottage with wallpapers, paintings and fireplaces. I was happy as well, thinking how, when Aali grows up she might remember her childhood coated in smells like these! Honestly, nothing better than trying create memories for your baby.

It turned out rather well for a first timer. The cover was soft and crunchy, biscuity. The filling was great and went so good with a dollop of lemon cream. Just get a 200g tub of mascarpone, a cup of thickened cream,icing sugar almost 1/4 tsp or little more and very fine zest of a fresh large lemon. I add a fourth o a teaspoon of Vanilla as well! Just put all of them together and whisk them for a minute. Try not to use a electric mixer, for it just take seconds and the cream gets over whipped.

Don't even believe that it looked this neat! But tasted great!

Don’t even believe that it looked this neat! But tasted great!

A little after dinner treat with an episode of Downton Abbey.

Oh and Aaliyah refused to touch it after it was baked!!

Of course, it is US!

This one is easy, it is Ashish! My posts are increasingly becoming about him. Sorry about that. Regardless, understand, dear reader, Ashish is a morning person, I am a night bird. Ashish hardly plays those skull bashing games, (when he does he plays FIFA  and Takken) I am a GTA, Assassin’s Creed person!! Next is that nursery rhyme  ‘Polly my sister’ that sounds like premonition now

He likes coffee and I like tea.

When we do have coffee, he is a Latte and I am Cappuccino person. Oh you all might think that these difference all of us have, I tell you ‘believe me, it is more than that!’  He likes moving — jobs, states, countries. I like settling, home, plants, Royal Doulton tea sets: He likes keeping the home spic and span and I am always leaving my everything on the floor.  I like red, he likes blue: I am always venting out, he is mostly keeping it in. He understands all thing tangible and does not believe in those intangible things that are the keys to survival for people like me!

See, it is endless. We have known each other all our lives, since we were in kindergartens, and even then we have stupidly managed to marry each other. Go on, shake your heads in disappointment! We fight, but we still struggle to be with each other, agreeing wholeheartedly that this is a bad decision!

Now that is what makes us tick. You see, both of us are incredibly stupid about each other! That had been the common factor all through; that somehow we always manage to find our way back to each other (sort of) and we both like beer. After so many years now we have rubbed on to each other a little bit. Now, I abstain from attachment, for I am ready to move. Ashish on the other hand is ready to buy a house!


Oil, Meet Water

All About Growing Up

Captured by Shaeri Datta

Captured by Shaeri Datta

This daily prompt idea is great; the only trouble is that I do not want to think life is short. I know it is, but I just do not want to believe it. I am, as it seems is the procrastinator of the worst kind.

Nevertheless, there are days in my life, that are completely futile and worthless. I do not manage to meet my daily goals and I get tired as well trying to meet them. Sometimes I blame myself, ‘why do I set goals I cannot meet?’, sometimes I am glad that I can still push myself. Those are the days that I think ‘Ree you are a grown up now. You are going to deal with things better, for there will always be ‘things’ to deal with’

And those are the days that I think Life is too short for blaming yourself for the things that you did not/could not do!

It is funny how buzzfeed and every other website makes you feel like you are at the end of the line with post like 20 places you should see before you die, 30 food that you are having wrong. 20 abandoned places you must see!!  They are all fun! Great fun to read and those photographs!!!

On the other hand, I am pretty sure I will never get to see more that one or two of those amazing ‘must-see’ places of the world. To be honest, my life will always be about meeting every day, trying to make the most of it, paying off loans and probably feel glad at a later age that I had managed some savings! Honestly, that is more than many people have! Much much more.

Therefore, time to grow up, time to stop blaming myself for not saving enough, not making smarter investments, for not saying the right words at the right time!

Life, as they say, is too short and I refuse to spend it blaming myself for not doing good enough with it! I think I will have ginger tea! 🙂
No Time to Waste

Oh Yes! You should have!

Who are you and why are you calling me???

Who are you and why are you calling me???

A voice mail, that says “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.” is something to worry about.

“Oh Yes! You should have!” I will scream in my head towards my invisible foe. I will, may be, in my most sanest of version try to call back. Knowing my luck, the number will be unreachable!! I know it! Nothing ever sorts out in my life in the easiest way possible.

Now what could it be, something that I should have known about months ago? Someone took my stuff and damaged it and therefore cannot return it back to me? That happens all the time; is Ashish seeing someone, and I do not know? Well, that’s troubling (for the person who has agreed to see him); or had the electricity bill crashed our budget again? That would explain for the dismal savings account. The home I was planning to buy just got sold? What’s new there?

So I will worry, for days may be. Wondering about the identity of the caller, trying to rethink who the voice sounds like and swallow cups and cups of ginger tea. Then one day it will go out of my head, just like that. I will tell Ashish about it. Knowing him, he will make a pathetic joke about it, so pathetic that I will actually laugh!

Maybe we will go out for dinner that evening! (May be I will block voice messages from unknown numbers as well)

Bad Signal