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Caeser 3: the Game Nostalgia

Good computer games are rather like those very good old books and even though some might raise their brows, for me, they are like those old yellowed Enid Blytons: charming, simple, cosy.  Strangely enough games are considered mindless and active, whereas reading  is rather passive and sensible. I do not know, how that perception came to be but then games are not mindless, anything but!

However, people like me, who like to spend hours playing one level over and over again, till it is perfect are sometimes considered geeky. A well read person is erudite; a well gaming person is, well, a gamer. Unless a gamer knows people of same inclination, social gatherings can get rather tough. Imagine ‘Skyrim’ as a conversation starter. On one hand ‘Have you read Midnight’s Children?’ might earn respect and a person of common interest, a classic old game like Doom will definitely result in people moving away slowly from you!

I dislike that, immensely. I wish more people would play games because it is thousand times better a discussion than weight-loss, avant-garde fashion that has no public utility, or plain old bitching.

So about Caesar 3, I  miss it, Badly. I was hooked on it for years and it had that strange simplicity that only a 2D isometric can bring forth. Just like in old books where straightforwardness of characters, of plots and of emotions were the most charming of the aspects, similarly in games like Caesar 3, a simple city building game was much more appealing than all Zynga Games put together. Yeah, that is another pet peeve.


Caeser III Cover, —good ol daysy.

Zynga brought gaming – popular, time, consuming, casual gaming to Facebook and people played and went gaga over it. Yet, the same folks had never heard of city building Caesar series, or the fantastic Thief series where stealth was the key word. Much later, Bigfish, Zylom or Shockwave brought in series of Casual Games and clubbed them as well, the Hidden Object, Board, Time Management, Match -3, and the oldest of the lot the Tycoon games, especially the classic one like Roller Coaster Tycoon, one of the best building games ever made. Even about these most were unaware. No idea wh

A cheeky answer could be ‘because they had better things to do’  but if doing Orkut or chatting on Yahoo chatrooms is considered better…oh well…

Caesar 4 was released in 2006 and they never bothered to make a mac version of it. That was sad, but the game itself, even though better visually, more detailed  and allowing lots more adjustment was not as good as the last version.

Caesar 3 was by no means an easy game, tough as hell, if you ask me. The strategy needed to get promoted to next level of the game was constantly being challenged by rather real issues in state management, like if every section of a city becomes urban, with access to all necessities, the the farmlands went for a toss and eventually so did the promotion.


The usual city

This is after building

This is after building








The gave an open arena to build on, even within the levels. Now a days, city building games have gone easy. They let you know exactly how many bunkers you need to build to win it. You wish that would happen for Caesar series. The rule was simple,’here is your empty city; build on it. It challenged the player in trying to find what works best for each city, for each was different, the farmlands, the deserts, the riverbeds, all put forth separate issues, varied ways of earning and collecting taxes, even though main challenges remained same, keep the people HAPPY!

I so wish they would make more of these games, and I am insanely jealous of all those who own every old game and consoles to play them!! Lucky you!!


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