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Litmus, Litmus on the Wall:Do you play GTA?

Yep, that is my make or break question guys. I actually thought about this one a lot, a real lot. What could be that question on which I will determine whether or not this person is going to be my friend? The answer is the question above.

Why, you ask? Because, ( I am aware that sentences do not start with ‘because’) I do not have a single friend who plays GTA. Sure, I have met a few blokes who play it, like ‘yeah we played till the chopper got crashed but didn’t after that’ or ‘yeah I finished it, sure! What? No not the side-quests’ and then worse ‘I donot play open world sand boxes!!’ Say that and I promise you wont be my pal! Nope!


GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas








See, I have friends who have similar choice in dresses, few others wit similar choices in art, books, movies, a partner with similar choice about things in life, but no, none with similar choice of games. Most seem to be stuck on First-person shooters, or those Uncharted sort of games. I have met people who play games because that is the new released version, but no, not a real fan yet.  Not that someone who will play the game till every little method, and secret has been revealed.

Just as I said, not fans, just players.

So you see guys, if I ever meet someone who plays GTA, replays the levels till they get sorted, complete the side quests, be for or against one of the characters that person got to be my friend. I have never met that ‘special someone’. Yet.

vice city

GTA Vice City

If this person says, yes I do (play GTA, that is), I promise to be a friend, till Rockstar Games release the very last game of the series. How I wish, I could meet a person, a real person with whom I could keep on discussing and trying what might happen if I turn left instead right, or take the boat instead of the chopper.

You see, GTA is a huge world, with little secrets hiding here and there, roads connecting you to other roads, shortcuts, shops that remind you of an actual store. I am positively emotionally involved with the game and I refuse to call myself an addict.








I am not addicted, I merely want to know every bit of that game world and every possibility that could be explored, because that is not something I can say about real life. Imagine having a partner then, who could walk with me and talk with me about all the amazing ways to beat the game. Someone with whom I can fight about which character to kill off, or which level is the best of the lot!












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