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Why is Blogging Difficult?

Blogging! Not Easy

Blogging! Not Easy

Let’s face it. Blogging is not a easy thing, at least not any more. May be it was when people is to ask ‘what’s a blogger’ but now, no, nope, NO!

The trouble here is the once blogging used to be simple with one key goal, write on what you want to write, no set rules, no one to judge you. Now, unfortunately, the rules are too many and of course, you are judged. It is not the simple medium anymore. The key words now have moved to ‘number of visits’, ‘google ads’, ‘target readers’ and many more that follows.

Number of visits has become that one key measurement of how popular a certain blog is, and for that a blogger has to write over and over, at least 2-3 times a week. This is the rule of the time, the more you are seen, the more popular you are. Same applies to Instagram or to any thing that is being channeled via the world wide web. To increase page visit, there are again a few more set rules, write but do not write too much.

This rule is great when you are posting recipes, or how to adjust a new software, or walkthrough for a game, or a DIY project. Even then a DIY project with too many points to remember is bound to create doubts in the reader’s mind. But what of literature? Poem, or may be a thought? These are difficult to write in 2-3 sentence paragraphs.

Now if we, delete the instruction manual sort of blog then what is else is left? The life style blog? The beauty blog? Even they are tiny write -ups with major pictures. Why? The answer is same. Pictures are easy to look at, to grasp. You see, here the first promise of blogging breaks… it is not about writing what you want to write about. It has become a streamlined field, certain kinds of blogs work, chose one of them to work on.

So on one hand it promises a freedom to write whatever you choose and the next moment it very cleverly takes away the ‘choice’ part of the deal. Then comes the topic of the blog. Most blogs work well when the name mentions what the blog is about. No complains there. Apparently. The name says blog on books, so you expect books and jump in to read it, or avoid it with a swift click on the cancel button. But what of freedom? Freedom to write whatever you want. That, my friends is not possible. A blog cannot be names ‘Food for thought’ and have a mention of the new version of Skyrim in it. Why not? It disorients people, confuses them. it is like finding dinner sets  in a toy store. In a toy store, only toys are allowed.

There comes the next issue, you do not write for yourself, you write for others, the others who might visit your page, if you make it attractive enough. It is lot like decorating a house for it’s owners without knowing what the owners are like. Thus, the idea that you write what you want gets deleted from the scheme. You write what you wish other people would read.

Do not get me wrong. I have a friend who dances and all she talks, thinks, does is about dance. She is difficult to converse with, but you have to admire her dedication! So there are people who might always be thinking about gaming, or beauty hacks, or how to put better eye shadow, or about the new app that has been released this week, however, there are people who probably has a hobby, diverse interests, have a life outside one aspect that they have chosen to pursue. What of them?

Writing what you want, when you want still exists but not if you want to participate in the mainstream, for internet blogging is a cut throat business. It is a place for advertisement mostly, where number of ‘followers’ helps most and when you write for ‘Followers’ you know it is not really writing anymore. Just another job that you do. The problem with that is you stop enjoying what you do, but enjoy what you get in return more.

It has become mostly about promotion and there are ample reasons to justify that. Many professionals write blogs and that is how we find them. Many research the internet about the applicant before offering a job. In this world the internet has more about us to tell others than we personally can.  While one is able to reach out to many in terms of self- promotion or promotion of an endeavor, the reaching out to others in terms of merely the Self has taken a backseat.

It is not like writing what you want in a blog ambiguously named, will take you nowhere, but chances are slim. There are posts that are shared, written by regular people. They are shared because they are those rare blogs that are actually written, not filled with photos, or instructions or advertisement.

These for me are the true beauty of a blog and probably every blogger’s dream, where the content wins. Where the topic touches the readers even though it is not subject oriented, where a reader reads the blog from start to the end, for we all know that blogs with pictures, blogs with instructions, or blogs with hardly any content are visited, but do get bounced as well. People hurry through them, unless something of interest holds them.

But for blogs with minimal effort on looking good and maximum effort on content building, there is every chance in garnering true readership, where the reader is reading for the simple act of enjoyment. To write like that is difficult. Therefore, most people narrow their blogs in to topic or subject, different subject, different blogs, spend more time on correcting photographs and managing 20 sentences at the maximum on a full page blog write up.

I do not blame them, for as the topic says ‘Blogging is difficult’, but if I find one blog, that is written just to celebrate the act of writing, that is true freedom, internet’s very first promise.


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