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That Amazing End Of The Year Feeling!!!

Few days ago, at the mall, Myers to be exact in Melbourne I found this gorgeous decoration. They had, inside a massive glass box have created the entire village. To say they were cute is insulting. It was the most perfect Christmas village ever, especially, when I have never in my life been to a Christmas village.

The Beautiful Train Station

The Beautiful Train Station

Once I did plant to visit France during winter. Of course, the flights were cancelled thanks to snowing and what not. That was the closest I have been to a white Christmas. Therefore, excuse me for feeling ecstatic when I saw this amazing little Victorian village, nestled among cardboard hills, with a lovely red roofed train station, standing along side long, long rail lines with a red and green steam engine on it.  It was flanked by the tall lamp posts on which the Christmas wreaths hung with such burst of color. By it was the gingerbread house; on the other side was the village pub.

 The Village

The Village

On the other side of the glass box was the green and red church, with the Christmas tree, around which Santa and his rein-deers were circling. There were the village houses with red and golden sparkly roof, resting among white snowy cotton. Among the white snow stood the fir trees, tall, glittery and green.

It was all very Christmassy, very warming and gave a glimpse to the most perfect Christmas possible. I know there is still a few months for the day to arrive,  but today when I found those photos, I simply had to Instagram them pronto!

So here are the photos. I think it is already time to look and buy and gift decorations. Hope you all find what you wished for! Happy Happy World!


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