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Doppelgangar Alert! Good Heavens !

Say I enter a house, as per the situation given. I find it to be exactly like my house, the alignment, the furniture, to the books on the selves (a black wooden cabinet really, with books arranged subject wise, alphabetically) and wall art, which on my case will be none, I think I will stare.

Being me, which is being incredibly slow to retorts, snide remarks and beating myself up later for not answering, I think I will do just that! Be slow! Wonder where have I seen a house like this before, may be even comment on the alarming number of Agatha Christies and Patricia Mckillips on the shelf; may be, just may be feel impressed to find someone just like me.

Will I realize it to be a doppelganger? Not immediately, not unless I find the same brown patch on the carpet, that same chalkboard, that same notepad with ‘bread, eggs, self-raising flour’ scribbled on it. That will be the time I will not be talking much. I think I will be taking it all in. Simple, be polite, courteous;  probably even ask, where did this person acquire that wooden carved tissue box.

Then I am going to drive home.

Then I guess I will PANIC!

That will last me a week. However, who knows, for I have complained so many times about how no one gets me, I might find my exact friend.

Doppelgänger Alert


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