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Midnight Snacks…


It is two o clock. I know it is. I always wake up at two o clock.  It is always the same ceiling above, with the old smoke alarm on it.  I blink, then feel the grumble in my insides.

hunger, Hunger, HUNGER!

I push myself out of the bed. It is always a fight, am I more hungry or sleepy?Should I duck under the quilt and wait till sleep overtakes the hunger and I do not have to wake up? It is cold outside.

hungry, Hungry, HUNGRY! Aiming towards the kitchen, I walk like a somnambulist, in a per-programmed GPS mode. It is so difficult to keep my eyes open. Mum always says ‘have a full dinner, finish that milk!’ Do I ever? Nopes.

Small kitchen with a large window. The night is dark outside. Very still. Red clouds coiling above. The sky tonight is waiting to break in to thunderstorm. I am terribly afraid of lightening.

I rather collect my food and get back under my quilt. So I search my kitchen with a well stocked pantry, always smelling of food, butter, flour, cream, berries, meat, herbs, bread…warm bread. I need to do something about my midnight snacking issues, I think. I always think that, then I always raid the fridge. Somehow there is always a little chocolate, a slice of pie,  may be a few muffins, always.

Rubbing my eyes and yawning as much as I can, I open the fridge door. My old steel colored fridge, trusted for years. There, the apple pie, from yesterday. One large chunk left, do I have cream? Nopes, never mind.

Happy to see it, I extend my hands in to grab it. Food! It seems I have been hungry for years, years and years. Why can I not reach it? I try again, and again. It is right there, right in front. I cannot touch it. A loud crack of lightening. Oh dear! I run back.

May be I will wake mum up. Mum is sleeping in her usual pajamas, holding dad. I smile looking at them, cute! But I am hungry. I wake mum up, ‘ mum, mum, wake up I am hungry’

She blinks and looks at me, ‘wha…’

Surprise, disbelief…Why am I feeling so hungry? Everything starts melting around me, mum’s face, my hands, the thunder outside, the kitchen. My hunger is consuming me, I have been so hungry for years. I start crying ‘mum, I am hungry, I can’t eat’

She can hear me, I know she can. After that I lose myself. How? I do not know but I am certain, tomorrow night at two I will wake up again!

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