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Am I a Blogger? Or Not!

This is an important question. This is also NaBloPoMo prompt of the day.

The very first answer that comes to my head is ‘No, I am not a professional blogger’

Why Not? Well, frankly I do not earn one bit from this, nor from the beta reading I do for quite a few writers and writers-to-be. To be honest, I do not earn at all. I am stay-at-home mum and yes not earning makes it difficult.

However, another thing comes to my mind. Is earning money is the only signifier of a profession?  I like writing, I have written all my life. Technically,  I have written for blogs, written contents, written stories, written diaries, written recipes and I want to keep on doing so. I get these arthritic pains and I sincerely wish that I never have them on my fingers.

Therefore, I can say I have a long writing experience. Does that not count? In a profession ‘experience’ counts, right?  The fact that I spend a good portion of my day to maintain my writings, does that not count? That I do not watch TV, or go to a movie, but diligently work towards my stories, does that count?

Honestly, I do not know. What makes someone a professional? An university degree? I have one, a good one. Being at home was my choice. Only once you enter the ‘home’ somehow the society overlooks your work, even assumes that you have none.

So, coming back to this blogging, what should I call myself? Know what, I am NOT a professional blogger. Not because I do not earn from it, but because I refuse to attribute a definition to something I enjoy doing so much. I believe defining something also limits it.  I do not like ‘limits’. Allowing them in life, makes it so constricted.

Let me not have a definition of who I am, what I do, what do I call myself? I like blogging. I also like photography, cooking, playing with my kid! I am a professional NOTHING! I like it that way!


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