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The Letter


Clicked this happy pair at the Brisbane Ekka three years ago! Please do not copy it. This is not a stock photo.

Hey there,

Firstly, I love you and always will. As long as you will be able to remember me, as long as I will be able to remember you, we must remember that we love each other. If there will time travel in future and if somehow you manage to come back to Now, you will forever find me loving you, with all that I am and everything that I can be.

In life, it does not matter what you want, who you become, who you are with;  never be scared to take a step forward (or sideways). There will always be consequences for each step you take in life. There is no avoiding them. It is better to face consequences than to sit back, wondering what would have happened had you done this, had you said that.

Life, my dear, happens once. We admire the stars, the mountains, the seas. Funny, for they were here from long ago, they will be there long after. It is you, me; us mortal creatures that are miracles really. Each of us, happen in this world only once in the history of space and time.

Amazing, when you think of it!

Every time you look at the mirror, does not matter how old you are, how unhappy or lonely or happy and glad you feel, remember that the world should look at you with awe and wonder, for you happened just ‘once’

So learn to celebrate yourself. Take care of yourself.  Do brush your teeth every night. Use that foot cream,  take that holiday, have that beer, drop that cigarette. Smile. Keep a diary of happy memories; you will need it.

You are precious love, not just to your family or friends, but to the universe. There is only ONE of you in this entire physical world. Once you do that, you will discover how easy it is to treat others nicely, how easy it is to love any animal, how easy it is to ignore judgement from others.

How difficult it is to hate anything at all.

Learn to love yourself, not because lifestyle magazines tell you do so. If you can remember ever, how I look at you now, you will probably understand how you should look at yourself. Therefore, take that step, make that mistake, pay for it too, lament that life in general is mundane and be glad for it. That mundane life is what so many pray for. Do not be scared. Never Fear Consequences.



P.S– There isn’t a trouble in the world that a cup of ginger tea won’t solve. If you are unsure about what to do next, have a glass of water.

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