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Hey Mum,

Thanks for the letter. All I can say is that I wish you weren’t so scared and worried about me all the the time!! ‘I am precious’, I get it!  No need to get so emotional about that! I am precious, because YOU think so. The universe is hardly bothered about my existence.

I am not weak, so stop telling me how to live a good life. I cannot live a life that YOU value as good. I like myself.  I am not affected by how others see me, I do forget to brush at night often and I enjoy lifestyle mags terribly.

I do not know about tomorrow, but I am gonna tell you this, I will not make your mistakes!  Probably YOU have been afraid of taking a step forward! So, do me a favor and take a step that you think is necessary for your life and not tell me about it. I do not live your life mum. Thank you for everything, but please do not worry about me,

I am good. Will be better if you stop this whining about me! And I do not fear consequences, I am simply fear not being able to be myself. I want to understand this life, the way I feel it, I see it, experience it. I value your opinion but I want to form my own opinions as well ! I love you mum, I get you! But you have to trust me! I will be fine!



P.S: I do not like ginger tea! and instead of water, will beer do?

Return Address


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