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Oh Yes! You should have!

Who are you and why are you calling me???

Who are you and why are you calling me???

A voice mail, that says “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.” is something to worry about.

“Oh Yes! You should have!” I will scream in my head towards my invisible foe. I will, may be, in my most sanest of version try to call back. Knowing my luck, the number will be unreachable!! I know it! Nothing ever sorts out in my life in the easiest way possible.

Now what could it be, something that I should have known about months ago? Someone took my stuff and damaged it and therefore cannot return it back to me? That happens all the time; is Ashish seeing someone, and I do not know? Well, that’s troubling (for the person who has agreed to see him); or had the electricity bill crashed our budget again? That would explain for the dismal savings account. The home I was planning to buy just got sold? What’s new there?

So I will worry, for days may be. Wondering about the identity of the caller, trying to rethink who the voice sounds like and swallow cups and cups of ginger tea. Then one day it will go out of my head, just like that. I will tell Ashish about it. Knowing him, he will make a pathetic joke about it, so pathetic that I will actually laugh!

Maybe we will go out for dinner that evening! (May be I will block voice messages from unknown numbers as well)

Bad Signal


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