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All About Growing Up

Captured by Shaeri Datta

Captured by Shaeri Datta

This daily prompt idea is great; the only trouble is that I do not want to think life is short. I know it is, but I just do not want to believe it. I am, as it seems is the procrastinator of the worst kind.

Nevertheless, there are days in my life, that are completely futile and worthless. I do not manage to meet my daily goals and I get tired as well trying to meet them. Sometimes I blame myself, ‘why do I set goals I cannot meet?’, sometimes I am glad that I can still push myself. Those are the days that I think ‘Ree you are a grown up now. You are going to deal with things better, for there will always be ‘things’ to deal with’

And those are the days that I think Life is too short for blaming yourself for the things that you did not/could not do!

It is funny how buzzfeed and every other website makes you feel like you are at the end of the line with post like 20 places you should see before you die, 30 food that you are having wrong. 20 abandoned places you must see!!  They are all fun! Great fun to read and those photographs!!!

On the other hand, I am pretty sure I will never get to see more that one or two of those amazing ‘must-see’ places of the world. To be honest, my life will always be about meeting every day, trying to make the most of it, paying off loans and probably feel glad at a later age that I had managed some savings! Honestly, that is more than many people have! Much much more.

Therefore, time to grow up, time to stop blaming myself for not saving enough, not making smarter investments, for not saying the right words at the right time!

Life, as they say, is too short and I refuse to spend it blaming myself for not doing good enough with it! I think I will have ginger tea! 🙂
No Time to Waste


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