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Of course, it is US!

This one is easy, it is Ashish! My posts are increasingly becoming about him. Sorry about that. Regardless, understand, dear reader, Ashish is a morning person, I am a night bird. Ashish hardly plays those skull bashing games, (when he does he plays FIFA  and Takken) I am a GTA, Assassin’s Creed person!! Next is that nursery rhyme  ‘Polly my sister’ that sounds like premonition now

He likes coffee and I like tea.

When we do have coffee, he is a Latte and I am Cappuccino person. Oh you all might think that these difference all of us have, I tell you ‘believe me, it is more than that!’  He likes moving — jobs, states, countries. I like settling, home, plants, Royal Doulton tea sets: He likes keeping the home spic and span and I am always leaving my everything on the floor.  I like red, he likes blue: I am always venting out, he is mostly keeping it in. He understands all thing tangible and does not believe in those intangible things that are the keys to survival for people like me!

See, it is endless. We have known each other all our lives, since we were in kindergartens, and even then we have stupidly managed to marry each other. Go on, shake your heads in disappointment! We fight, but we still struggle to be with each other, agreeing wholeheartedly that this is a bad decision!

Now that is what makes us tick. You see, both of us are incredibly stupid about each other! That had been the common factor all through; that somehow we always manage to find our way back to each other (sort of) and we both like beer. After so many years now we have rubbed on to each other a little bit. Now, I abstain from attachment, for I am ready to move. Ashish on the other hand is ready to buy a house!


Oil, Meet Water


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