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So what do you do?

There was this vid on Upworthy today, that was, like most Upworthy uploads was rather insightful and I sort of liked it. Me being the kind of person who is always asked ‘So what do you do?’ and that is the moment I feel ‘I wish I did not have to answer that’

I am a stay at home mum, trying my best to be a published writer and writing since I was sixteen years old; I blog when I want to, instagram very often and try to balance family requirements and my Self. That is what I do. By qualification, I am a English Lit Graduate, and a Film Studies (or Theory) Masters.

Even then, I have at many moments, felt little, well… I do not have the answer in a word. No one insulted me, some have been rude, saying, ‘You look so rested, obviously you do not have any actual work’, or ‘how can you stay at home all day. What do you do?’ (I have a two year old, and no family or any support for that matter), even the straightforward ‘you have wasted your life’  🙂

Honestly, I have never felt very sad about it but the words sometime keep coming back to me. God, that supreme kind one, after giving me many flaws decided to give me one very nice thing, I do not feel sad by what people say and I do have the capability to look beyond words and see things objectively. This is a quality,  that I had and did not realize for a long, long time.

I am not thick skinned, no. I just know that I need to be non-judgmental, especially because rest of the world is busy judging and I like myself. That too. I am a very good listener and I do not judge, especially because I have been, all my life.

So this vid that I saw kind of touched a very right note, because judging someone on basis of what they do for a living, is a very odd thing indeed. Unless your name is Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawkings, there will always be someone doing better than you!

I know people will not stop judging, I have no idea why they do it, but it does make their happiness depend on what others are doing in their lives. On that front, Facebook is not healthy at all. Constantly checking on how pretty others look, how hot they look, what house they have and I have seen just too many people do it. Constantly. It is better to play Farmville than to constantly feel the need to ‘like’ or feel bad about what others are doing in their lives.

I wish some people who live attaching tags to most things get that. It is unhealthy, FOR THEM.


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