Reading Your Stories

Looks like you want your story read. Good! I am glad that you have written a story. I write, have been writing; have been blogging! So if you want an impersonal opinion on your story send me your work.

Do not worry, I will not ‘steal’ your ideas. I understand you fears regarding your story. It is normal to feel that way.

I read Paranormal Romances (and anything Paranormal), Chick-lit, YA and NA stories, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventures, Children’s books, Thrillers, Drama and Mystery. Unfortunately, I do not read Erotica, Historical Romances, poems or books pertaining to a particular subject.

I am not a copy-editor (not by profession, that is, but I do point out and suggest grammar, spelling issues). I am a beta-reader, who can give an opinion or a critique from a reader’s P.O.V.  I can tell you if the story is getting slower, or if the structure is failing somewhere. I can also let you know about why I liked reading it.

Remember, it is just an opinion. I do not want to hurt you; whatever my feedback is, it is not personal.

If you choose to send your book, follow the guidelines given.

email me:

Find me in Goodreads or in Facebook.

Send me an inquiry, with subject : Beta- Reader, along with the word count of your work, genre and a mention on which stage of draft you are in, or if it is a finished work. If you want, you can send me a paragraph (not more) about your story.

Send your attachment, preferably in Pages or Word (I do manage PDFs but they are difficult), with your Name and the Date in the foot notes.

I generally return the feedback in 2 weeks time, but it depends upon the word count. You can expect a feedback on Plot, Structure, Characterization,  Grammar and feel of the story.

So,  mail me!

Happy Writing!




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